The road to 2015

Welcome to the former Ohayocon Pre-registration site.

July 22nd, 2014

Hi everyone, We hoped you had a great time at Ohayocon 2014.

For those wondering Ohayocon 2015 will be held 1/30/2015 through 2/1/2015.
The theme is MMORPGs.

At this point in time, pre-registration for Ohayocon will not be using this website.
The information will be maintained for historical purposes right now and all information has been passed onto the CEO.
I (David Muniak aka godai) am not planning on staffing Ohayocon 2015.
When the Ohayocon 2015 pre-reg opens up, I will add an appropriate link here to direct you to where it is. If you have any questions or your account is locked feel free to email me at

Posted on 07 22 2014 by Godai

196 people have Pre-registered for Ohayocon 2015. Server time is:7/24/2014 1:23:43 AM