The road to 2015

Welcome to the Ohayocon Pre-registration site.

January 28th, 2014

Hi everyone, We hoped you had a great time at Ohayocon 2014.

The system is now currently closed.

If you were at Ohayocon 2014 and stopped by the registration area on Sunday, we had a coupon code posted.

This coupon code will allow you to pre-register between 1/31/2014 and 2/7/2014.

Simply log in and after you check the boxes and click the button to buy the badge, enter in the coupon code and hit apply coupon.

If you have any questions or your account is locked feel free to email me at

Posted on 01 28 2014 by Godai

144 people have Pre-registered for Ohayocon 2015. Server time is:4/24/2014 6:59:31 AM